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0 is the number of personal data that we keep about you for commercial reasons. We do not store anything about you that could be used for commercial purposes! This is the good news!

Your safety and ours is our priority. For these reasons some of your data may be temporarily stored, to ensure the security of our site and therefore yours at the same time. This is the WAF (Web Application Firewall) which automatically secures the website. It is based on IPs which launch attacks on our site. If you don’t try to technically attack the website then your IPs will not be stored by the system. This is in full compliance with GDPR (RGPD) which nevertheless makes it possible to set up protection mechanisms for websites. With us, this is completely automated by our WAF.

To meet the needs of our audience, we need some of your information which is automatically managed by us. This allows us, for example, to know which items you like and to be able to anticipate any need on your part. To do this we use the audience monitoring tool which is Google Analytics. On this tool we have no access to any data allowing us to identify you. We plan to replace it with Matomo in the short term which is much easier to design / configure for privacy and is completely decentralized.

In terms of statistics, this allows us to keep a view on which articles are the most consulted. However, this does not allow us to specifically identify an individual.

Your profile saved on the site is managed by yourself. You have your hands on it and can therefore modify it as you wish.

Regarding social networks and any other module, it is obvious that the protection of your data on these services is managed by themselves. We do not pass anything strictly about you to these sites. We clearly display on the site when a page uses one of these third-party modules.

We also suggest that you can manage your cookies from your browsers linked to our site. To do so, simply follow the following actions according to your wishes:

Cookie settings :: Reject

Finally, with regard to comments, we only store the information that you transmit to us when entering your comment. Nothing else. And for the contact form we proceed by email, we receive (the webmaster) when you wish to contact us but do not store your messages on this site. The good old email is often much more effective in keeping hold of it.

The safety aspect is important. For your data too. This is why in these explanations we have taken the approach of showing you how we manage this data as transparently as possible, but also this allows you to evaluate other sites.

My blog is hosted in Switzerland with Infomaniak, you can click here to contact them if need be.

On some of the pages and on some of the most viewed articles we will display advertising, this one from Google Ads, it is important to make a minimum profit from the most viewed articles or pages.

If you wish to contact us on this subject, do not hesitate to go through our contact form.