I honestly could not find better title. And honestly I remain polite.

Since the launch of the game there is almost a week, I am one of those who are not lucky we say.

An incredible epic

Yes I consider that … an epic … and for the moment it turns out rather badly.

First days, impossible to launch the first mission neither solo nor in coop. So impossible to advance in the game except to start the tutorial. Great !

BioWare has therefore patched the game as it should. Oh great I can finally get into a mission … Oddly the watercooling of my CPU starts to run, actually 100% of the CPU used. I also patches the graphics card you never know and overcloack my CPU in a conventional way from 3.15 ghz to 4.20 ghz. Reboot and there … hum … still 100% CPU and GPU.

Incredible, I still enter the mission and there, the game crashes as usual or as before the patch.

I wanted to make a live Anthem on Twitch but unfortunately this rotten launch will soon make me drop this idea! Unbelievable !

EA First made just for this game … Super … In the meantime I know this article is not very useful but I had to express myself somewhere and that I let go of this anger like on their Twitter accounts. Grrrrr


I was for the occasion ironed on PC rather than the Xbox One X, for once I regret bitterly.

My PC has always done everything thoroughly, maybe I should also later see to enlarge my configuration as I described in this article for a PC 4K configuration not too expensive.