Without having participated in the crowdfunding of SHINESS: The lightning Kingdom, I was eager to acquire this small independent RPG as soon as it was released.
Good or bad choice according to you?
In my opinion..

You are the chosen one and we go to the promised land fighting against the Obscure side

“One day, a Shiness, or spirit of the earth, appears in the eyes of the young Chado and asks him to help him to find the kingdom of light …
Taking his courage with both hands, and his best friend Poky, he goes on a quest for the promised land … ”

And it’s an elected, there’s a bad empire, magic (shi) different elements and a big bad guy who has black shi, and worse treason, drama all in a fantasy world with flying boats …

Put like that end to end, it does not breathe in any case the novelty and originality!
And that’s the case … BUT, the whole thing also has a lot of passion and the desire to go back to classical bases by proposing a colored and quite worked and friendly universe.
However, it is difficult to provide a coherent sequence of events, and arrives at some sluggish typical Shonen manga scenarios.
The end is not really one and call for a continuation that deserves to be developed …
In 22h of play, the adventure takes off rather well, but we have a small feeling of unfinished but which, fortunately, does not lead to any real frustration (from my point of view, and I hate games that end with a ” to follow “, you can believe me!)

SHINESS : The lightning Kingdom

The cool stuff from SHINESS: The lightning Kingdom

+ Some fights against bosses are even pretty epic 😀
+ The proposed universe is quite large and offers a variety of environments.
+ Graphically very correct, and very colorful
+ The story is pretty cool, besides having good dubbing
+ A lot of power to unlock
+ Not very invasive side quests
+ Full backup that gives life all over the place (and it needs it)
+ Enigmas accessible but not necessarily too simple
+ The soundtrack is really nice
+ The process: Finally a crowdfunding that resulted in a finished game and faithful to the promise

SHINESS : The lightning Kingdom

The coolest stuff

– The combat system that will quickly show weaknesses / limits and make you rage when you are going to be chained with nothing to do or understand anything that happens on the ground … some fights really made me scream!
– It clearly lacks finishing: Walls invisible everywhere, crash bug, the blow of losing life if you jump in a lift (true) …
– The Chara design very very very uneven between artworks, models and cinematics … we go from friendly to very very ugly!
I do not understand that a selection to keep only the qualitative has not been done.
– The menu interface to manage spells and inventory is quite unintuitive and very very heavy.
– The under-exploitation of the field powers of certain characters.
– The classic archi design level and a lot of going back pretty useless to increase the service life

SHINESS : The lightning Kingdom

The things to throw

– The fucking blocking bug that can go so far as to make you lose your backup if you have not thought about having multiple slots …
phew, this is not my case (many slots permanently) but I lost several hours of games with one of these bugs, and by informing me, I saw that there were several!
– Platform phases … a horror of inaccuracy … Not disturbing if it was not mandatory at times!

Summary of the adventure!

Shiness is far from a MUST HAVE RPG to do absolutely.
This remains a good surprise, however, that I enjoyed ending up encouraging independent productions that deserve to be praised when the work as a whole is of high quality.
So if you too want to participate in the booming small studio, go for Shiness 😀